**#1 Overall Bestseller in Kindle Short Reads – January 2015**

Armstrong Dent’s former boss has become consumed by a mystical force which causes men to seek the ultimate power. Dent and his team of celebrity adventurers must confront a supernatural threat from an ancient relic possessing a popular politician or face the planet being overrun by a new world order.Armstrong Dent is the leader of a unique team of special ops agents made up of famous celebrities, each with a highly specialized talent. The team’s white hat hacker is a multi-billionaire tech entrepreneur, the cryptologist is a best-selling author of conspiracy novels, and the team’s linguist is a Grammy Award-winning musician. In all, ten team members rotate in and out of the stories. The series is accompanied by the world’s first book series soundtrack with songs written and performed by the author.The book includes a code to download a free song from the original book series soundtrack.

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